The Goat Neck | Bike Ride


The Goatneck Bike ride is a rolling hill course which averages around 35 feet per mile of climbing.  Click on the Directions tab and go to the Routes layout page for (69.5, 41, 10 & 27) that provides elevation maps. The roads are well maintained country roads with little traffic. The prevailing winds during this time of year are from the southwest, which provides a tail wind for the last portion of the ride coming into the finish!  We provide rest stops every 8-9 miles on all courses.

Last year we had close to 2,500 riders.  We provide showers at the finish in the Cleburne High School basketball locker rooms, located in the gym registration area.

In an effort to keep our ride prices down and provide as low a cost ride as possible, we are not able to provide a meal afterwards.  All money raised goes to various Johnson County charities.  Last year we were able to donate over $30,000 to local charities because of the participation of the riders.


Please read complete workout supplements guide prior to the ride. For reviews of our ride, please follow the link below.
Ride Reviews


This ride would be your most challenging exercise ever! Prepare yourselves to follow all courses with people from around the world.